How to change username, profile pic, and other help

Hello world!

If you are a regular on message boards and other social platforms you may want to make your page your own be adding a different username, avatar, and modifying things such as your email address. I have added a picture to show where you might go to do this. It is a relatively simple process. To access the page you need to click on your current username (mine is “polecat” in this case).
It will take you to a screen that has all your user statistics. To the far right side is your preferences page (see “#1” on picture)
From the preferences page you can see your username (#2) and your profile pic or avatar (#3).
Simply click on the pencil (edit tool) to make any changes you desire. Make sure you hit save at the bottom in order to have all the changes take effect.

Feel free to post here if you have any additional questions or general queries about this page, nerd related topics, or life in general!


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