And now for James Morris

Hello world!

I’m James, and I’m and addict.

I love new and innovative things that get kids excited to do more hands on problem based work. I am wrapping my 11th year of teaching. I have taught in Effingham, Cobb, and now Gordon County and I have played a multitude of roles in each place. I currently teach in the elementary gifted program, in which we have a STEAM focused content. I also host a multitude of after school activities. We just recently began an electric go kart club that is really exciting. I am the lead coach of two First Lego teams, and I am an adviser to 6 additional teams in our county.

I have also worked outside of education as a mechanic, auto shop manager, and CAD drafts-person for an Aeronautical Engineering firm in Kennesaw.

I am certified in elementary ed, middle grade science, middle grades social studies, K-12 engineering and technology, and gifted. I believe I am going to be going to get me computer science endorsement beginning next year as well.

Please let me know if we can coordinate on anything as I love to meet new people and share wild ideas! The more radical and mad scientist-y the better!

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